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I finally "regained" myself! I recognized my authenticity. I feel what I want, I do what I want, at the same time I feel responsibility for every word, thought, action I take. After this program I feel deeply connected with myself. I am another person! The way I always wanted and dreamed of being! 

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How to live the most authentic version of you?

Transformational stages of consciousness

The road to living the most authentic version of yourself is through practice. Because you are a multifaceted personality - you have a body that sends messages, emotions that change with the air, thoughts whose flow sometimes drowns in the fog, and an inner world that needs to be nurtured. You need tools to master all 4 components of you.

Nurturing your inner world

Moments between thoughts help you to experience inner silence, get to know yourself beyond your beliefs and open up a life full of wisdom beyond the limiting programs. 

Listening to your body

Being in your body opens up opportunities to understand the signals being sent and find a conscious connection and nourishment of your "vehicle" for this life.

Emotional intelligence

The identification of emotions acts as a guiding star, showing the causal connection between life situations and what we should pay most attention to in order to free ourselves from the unwanted repetitive wounds of emotions.

Mastering your thoughts

Observing your thoughts from neutral position, knowing your "programs" and believes frees you from overcontrolling your life and open up opportunities to experience oneself beyond genetic imprints and finding your FLOW of actions.

Growth of consciousness in 3 steps

Where to start your journey

Relationship with yourself

It all starts with a healthy relationship with yourself, with an internal dialogue and the ability to hear your inner voice, reveal your talents and inner potential.

Relationship with others

A positive relationship with the immediate environment (family, loved ones) is created when you radiate peace and self-esteem. Use awareness tools on a daily basis and set an example for others.

Relationship with the World

A person is led by a greater goal than himself - an individual mission. Now Be You acts as a guide to help you fulfill your deepest dreams and ambitions that change the world.

It was the most amazing 5 intense days of my life trying to understand and find myself. I came with a lot of anxiety and unanswered questions. I left with a heart filled with happiness and peace. I've found practice, theory, and wisdom in one place. The organizers know exactly what they are doing, their technique works from day one.

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Retreats and online programs

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Powerful experiences, biggest transformations

Unique retreats that are being created by our intuition and guidance from the source. Nothing like you've experienced before. "Fine tuning" your intuition, your inner voice and connection with your true self. A must try for anyone on personal growth journey!


Live video transmissions and self-study online programs

We are providing live transmissions, meditations, healthy cooking classes, embodiment practices and much more online! You can join us live or study at your own pace! 


Personal mentorship for conscious lifestyle & business acceleration

Are you a conscious entrepreneur? Light worker? or a soul looking for a deeper connection and "upgrade" of your mind, body and soul? Then NOW BE YOU team mentorship would be a personalised path for you!

Now Be You team

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Leonora Be You

Life balance and inner peace


Vytas Healthy You

Energizing food and sounds


Ieva Leader You

Become a leader and example for others


Egle Action You

Live your legacy by taking action

Sisterhood is our unity

Inspirational stories

Success, Growth, Self-realisation

Now Be You methodology

Read a story of NOW BE YOU sisters and their feminine empowerment to others

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Now Be You methodology

Personal development starts with getting to know yourself. All of us have a dominant nature element in our energy flow – fire, earth, water and air. Discover your dominant element.

11 min. of reading

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