Now Be You journey experience

Your unique journey into subconscious

Experience it LIVE in Ibiza


You will grow your awareness and experience deep connection with your higher self


No prior experience or special preparation needed you can be experienced yogi or total newbie


Reduce stress levels, anxiety, improve sleep, rejuvenate your body


No need of special medicine to experience deep journey. Also all emotions are welcomed 


On agreed time


Different locations in Ibiza or in your preferred place

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a deep dive


1.5 hours

Unique experience

to level up your connection with yourself

Now Be You journey will take you on a deep dive with the alchemy of energetically infused words and binaural sounds to awaken your subconscious memories, restart the nervous system and recharge your physical and subtle bodies. By reconnecting to your subconscious memories this journey will help you get aligned with your purpose and life journey today.

What is Now Be You journey?

It is not a guided meditation or spiritual exercise. It is energetic "infusion" directly from the receivers’ own connection with greater consciousness. Doesn't matter if you are an experienced yogi, meditation teacher or a beginner in your personal journey - this experience will be a personal dialogue with your higher self and you don't need a special preparation for that.

How does it work?

Leonora-Luna is an experienced guide, psychologist, medium that has been developing this experience through the years off work, practices and her personal journey.

Every participant is a transmitter of its own highest timeline. I'm being guided by the participants' higher selves and help of special binaural sounds, music and energetic infusion to embody this experience for one self.

My natural gift is to be a "transmitter" for conscious and subconscious mind to be re-aligned and balanced so that the participant could benefit not only during “after effect” period, but also notice deeper insights, dreams and more clear decisions further in life.

What is energetic "infusion” and is it safe for everyone?

Energetic "infusion" works as a “tuning fork” for individual’s bio field and its higher timeline. Higher frequencies are integrated and embodied as much as the receiver’s mind, body and soul allow to receive in its own divine timing. The integration process normally is being processed through words, sounds and quantum transmission in silence. The receiver can experience a deep “psychedelic journey “, a calm sleep, meditative state or rejuvenating process of rest. 

It is totally safe to do it in the group or own your own with the recording.

How this is different from other altered state journies?

Now Be You journey if a form of "self hypnotherapy” and it is safe and profound way to experience different kind of states of mind and beyond. Without taking any plant medicine, efforts of visualization or special breath work Now Be You journey will put you in a state of deep relaxation and will open space for a safe integration process.

benefits of now be you journey


Relaxed state of mind


Deeper connection to oneself


Healing process acceleration


More clear decision making process


Nervous system recharge


More awareness in everyday's life


Better sleep


Higher frequencies vibration


Easier manifestations

Want to experience the journey?

Experience it LIVE in Ibiza or bring Now Be You journey to your environment 

Get in touch for booking via email: or Whatsapp: +370 616 04532 (Egle)


By participating you are helping others 

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Our team is a proud member of international organization B1G1 (Buy1Give1) that connects conscious businesses with highly trusted NGOs who can make a change on the ground. 

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