Now Be You activities started in 2010. with Leonora Be You, a professional personal change consultant, at her first led training in New York. At that time, sisters Ieva and Egle were pursuing her careers in big corporations, but in addition to their main work, they helped organize Leonora's seminars in Lithuania. Following the path of inner calling to raise consciousness in the lives of other people and to help them become more self-confident, the three sisters risked many times. Back then personal development, meditation, self-help were still too "woo-woo" or let's say not on the rise. However, after feedback from people who have implemented the changes after Now Be You seminars, retreats and other events, the activity has grown over the years to include the organization of regular retreats in Lithuania, Ibiza and other countries. Currently, the core of the Now Be You team consists of 4 multidisciplinary members who, with their developed talents, help discover women’s potential and the path to an authentic version of themselves.

Now Be You team

for multi-dimensional transformation

Now Be You is a diverse team of 4 members who, based on the structure of the elements of Eastern philosophy, represent a different field and share their many years of experience personal and professional activities. Everyone puts their contribution to your inner journey towards the most authentic version of you.

Leonora Be You - air

Your soul's journey in this life and inner peace - your path to the most authentic version of you.

Vytas Healthy You - earth

Charging your body with high vibrational food and harmonizing sounds. 

Ieva Leader You -water

Manage your emotions, embody your feelings and become the leader for positive change.

Egle Action You - fire

Find your FLOW, put your talents to work and live your legacy today by taking strategical actions reinforced with your intuition.


Inner change reflects in changes outside

Multi-dimensional team

professionals led by intuition


Leonora Be You

Life balance and inner peace


Vytas Healthy You

Energizing food and sounds


Ieva Leader You

Become a leader and example for others


Egle Action You

Live your legacy by taking action

Retreats and online programs

Your unique journey can start here


Powerful experiences, biggest transformations

Unique retreats that are being created by our intuition and guidance from the source. Nothing like you've experienced before. "Fine tuning" your intuition, your inner voice and connection with your true self. A must try for anyone on personal growth journey!

ONLINE Programs

Live video transmissions and self-study online programs

We are providing live transmissions, meditations, healthy cooking classes, embodiment practices and much more online! You can join us live or study at your own pace! 


Personal mentorship for conscious lifestyle & business acceleration

Are you a conscious entrepreneur? Light worker? or a soul looking for a deeper connection and "upgrade" of your mind, body and soul? Then NOW BE YOU team mentorship would be a personalised path for you! 

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