Individual mentoring

Your personal evolution journey

If you are looking for professional guidance in one of these fields NOW BE YOU team is ready to share their 10+ years experience working in the field of human evolution. We are ready to personalize the journey for you based on your experiences and growth.

We are ready to work with you individually or with your community or team on those topics:


If you want to improve relationships with yourself, your loved ones or your team.

Soul evolution

Looking for a deeper connection with your higher self in order to accelerate in all field of life?

healthy body

Want to connect with your body on a deeper level, integrate knowledge of longevity and health into your everyday life? 

Conscious business

Want to grow your business while connecting it with bigger purpose? Looking how to implement a giving culture in your organization? 

Individual mentoring

Feminine energy and leadership mentoring program for ambitious women INFUSION

NOW BE YOU team is ready to guide you individually or in a team in the journey of your personal evolution. Depending on your life situations we help you integrate your inner work and guide you towards your desired life full of passion and purpose.

Unique 5 step process

On this journey, you will be guided by four experienced mentors, so you will receive full supervision, accountability, support and a holistic growth plan tailored to your desired outcomes.

The 12-week, four-mentor INFUSION mentoring programme includes:

  • Comprehensive preparation questionnaire and goal clarification session
  • 60-90 min. zoom consultation every week with a dedicated mentor(s)
  • 2 BONUS consultations: a meeting with the whole team after the programme to integrate your further growth plan and a follow-up call after one month to assess your progress and next steps
  • private WhatsApp group during the mentoring process with all four mentors
  • Accountability and support to achieve your goals on a daily basis
  • The world-renowned, TALENT DYNAMICS psychometric personality test
  • 21 day supervised DETOX protocol
  • "Biohacking tips and practices to renew your physical body at the cellular level
  • SOMA breath meditations guided live during the meetings depending on the topics of your interest
  • Practices, homework and additional materials tailored to your personal development.

If you feel that it is time to move to the next step in your evolution and to grow systematically under the supervision of up to four professionals in their respective fields, contact us for a discovery call below.

Personal mentorship for those looking for an in depth journey and best results

Every Now Be You team member is ready to find the most effective way to guide you through individual sessions.


Leonora Be You

Author of the book "NOW BE YOU", psychologist, experienced spiritual growth guide and transformation mentor. Leonora will give you the space to delve deeper into your unique meaning of life, your soul's mission, overcome self-limiting believes and past experiences and help you to grow your self-confidence and love for yourself.


Ieva Leader You

Certified coach, career mentor who has worked in major international companies. Ieva will help you to achieve your goals with fun and guide you through psychosomatic movement practices.


Egle Action You

Personal branding and purpose driven business consultant, cultivating unique wellness projects. Egle will help you to develop your personal growth path, discover your talents through the Talent Dynamics methodology and grow authenticity and meaning in your business or career.

BIOHACKING, DETOX and longevity

Vytautas Healthy You

A detox specialist and plant-based nutrition alchemist will guide you through the 21-day detox protocol and introduce you to the essential principles of biohacking, a long-lasting way to not only give you more energy for each day, but also to boost your immunity.

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Mentoring with four professionals

Feel like want to upgrade in all areas of your life at the same time? Join our 1-1 mentoring program with four professionals.



Body & mind DETOX

Detox your system, recover energy flow and gain back strength of your immunity

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