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The story of the three sisters

Meet the founders of NOW BE YOU path, retreats - three sisters Leonora Be You, Egle and Ieva Blekaitytes.

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Feminine empowerment

Now Be You retreats in Ibiza, Lithuania and many other places around the world together with different workshops, festivals and online programs has become a movement over the past 10+ years and has united thousands. 

For over a decade the three sisters Leonora, Egle and Ieva, keep sharing the BE YOU personal development philosophy in the magical Balearic island Ibiza and in many other most powerful places in the world.

From ancient Mayan cultures of Guatemala, to Indian temples, to khemetic wisdom in Egypt, to pagan roots in Lithuania.. Now Be You philosophy unites the Western lifestyle with Eastern values.

And our feminine empowerment workshops connect the innovative futuristic insights and the practical experiences in business, consciousness and personal lives.

BE YOU personal growth journey

NOW BE YOU feminine empowerment workshops, sacred retreats for women, masterclasses, online programs are not a regular business to the sisters from the small town of Birstonas in Lithuania. It's their lifestyle, philosophy and mission.

"It's difficult to call what we do a business. Our lives have long become a constant evolution laboratory. We're the first ones to try various practices and personal development methods. Only when we assess and see results in our own daily lives we share that knowledge at the BE YOU retreats with other women", - explain the sisters.

They're proud of having created a conscious business that's also a success story. It's based on trust, unconditional love, family values, dedication and self-expression.

journey into yourself is our lifestyle and mission we share with the world..

Dreams do come true

Ten years ago, the sisters couldn't have imagined the incredible life waiting for them in the future.

All had different lifestyles, separate careers and hobbies. However, in hindsight, they can see that all those experiences were a part of a bigger plan. "Everything in life happens for a reason", - says Egle.

The goals of their business are to encourage all-encompassing wellbeing in all realms of human life and to promote harmony and balance in the everyday.

Let's meet the sisters who each contributes to creating the various courses, workshops, meditations. As a team, they're building a conscious business together.


The middle sister has graduated in psychology and law and ran a successful show production agency in the past.

Her journey to conscious living started 20 years ago after an unexpected near-death experience.

Today Leonora is a female leader who inspires conscious change in women in her book NOW BE YOU.

Leonora's insights to the human potential and its role in life are always refreshing. All over the world, she's known for her abilities to unlock human possibilities and nurture inner freedom.


The eldest sister Ieva dared to dive into the deep end of corporate life. She's taken on leadership roles and has reached various career goals in Lithuania and abroad.

Ieva's dedication to the consciousness evolution in personal life and her effective leadership and coaching skills in a corporate setting has helped her integrate the business and personal experiences.

She uses those experiences leading business and personal growth consultations, coaching leaders and delivering embodiment sessions in the retreats.


The youngest sister Egle was always academically talented. She studied in Lithuania, US and UK and later started a promising career in an international company.

However, Egle didn't stay there long. Not being able to find a way to nurture her fundamental values, she took a brave step into the unknown.

After leaving the job, Egle united with her sisters in their common pursuit of global evolutionary purpose.

Even though she's the youngest, the sisters laugh and say that with her wisdom, she could easily take the role of the oldest.

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