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Four types of women

Personal development starts with getting to know yourself. All of us have a dominant nature element in our energy flow - fire, earth, water and air. Discover your dominant element.

Personal development journey

Personal development, the pursuit of harmony and balance in life begins with self-knowledge. There are four main elements in every woman - fire, water, air and earth. We have the properties of all these elements, but one element is called female dominance . Having learned the elements into my life, I learned and understood a great deal. The door to the secrets of the female world opened, I began to accept myself and others, realizing that comparing to other women was pointless. Knowing which element dominates in you helps you know yourself, accept your strengths, and pay attention to your weaknesses. Considering why I am not like others is the same as asking why the ocean is not a scrap and the earth is not a sky.

Elements in woman's life

Each element is revealed in a woman’s energy: character traits, movements, taste receptors, priorities, way of thinking, clothing. However, even women with the same dominance are not the same because the other three elements manifest themselves in a way that is unique to them. Working with women from different countries and cultures for many years, I realized that every woman who opened herself to information can uniquely reveal her element. It is from this cognition that the woman's personal development begins. Integrating the four-element system into your daily life is all about getting to know your energy dominance, and changing and improving everything else in the way that works best for you.

Personal development, the pursuit of harmony and balance in life begins with knowledge about yourself...

Energy blockages

Many women are energetically blocked. They are separated from their own inner world as if by a wall of glass, an external environment that prevents any feminine vibration from breaking through. An energetically blocked woman functions, exists, but does not live a full life, does not express the full potential of her nature. Meeting such a woman gives the impression that she is very strong, strict, untouchable and does not show her feelings - "ice lady". Such a woman has deeply hidden all emotions and feelings from herself and others. It seems dangerous for her to unite with her inner feminine wisdom and freedom. She does not cry, does not show her emotions, does not talk about her feelings, does not love herself and, although she wants to be loved, does not know how to accept love. However, closing does not help to protect against painful events, but only attracts them even more. The energy of a blocked woman accumulates in the mind, thus separating the rest of the body from the feminine sensitivity, sexuality, intuition, creative freedom. Looking happy on the outside, this woman is suffering and crying for help.

So if you've been experiencing any of the above mentioned "symptoms" it's time to take a deeper look and take a self-assessment. 

Energetic openess

An energetically open woman is like nature. It does not stop changing, spreading, evolving and blooming with ever new wisdom and creativity. The energy of femininity accumulates in the uterus, merging with the heart zone, thus allowing the woman to remain sensitive, feminine, vital, sexual and intuitive. The energy in it is constantly flowing and changing. We should not be afraid of our nature, because it is our greatest force that does not need to be artificially pressed - it is enough to release it.

Four elements in everyday life

By knowing the strengths of their dominant energy, a woman can direct it to the desired action. The dominant element in a woman helps to know her shortcomings without running away from them and blaming neither others nor herself. Combined with the four elements and discovering her dominance, the woman spends time with herself very creatively and with great pleasure.

The body of a woman who knows herself vibrates with natural freedom and sexuality, regardless of age, because a woman who has dared to return to her roots becomes the goddess of today - a channel of life energy.

A woman knowing her element:

In the social world:

  • Looking for her mission.
  • Not afraid to be herself and express herself as it is.
  • Feels more confident and playful in everyday relationships with the outside environment.

In the personal world:

  • Stops contradicting her nature, the environment, competing with other women.
  • Develops awareness, becomes the master of her life.
  • Not afraid of hysteria, jealousy, depression and other destructive states.

In the intimate world

  • It becomes open to nature, merges with each of the elements, draws energy from them, receives inspiration, relaxes.
  • It connects the inside with the outside and returns to its roots, experiences peace, becomes free, happy.
  • Gets rid of external and internal blocks, limits, taboos and become the creator of your life.

Find your element

In other articles about the four types of women, I will review each one of element individually. It will help you discover and recognize your dominant element, and cognition will lead to understanding, self-acceptance, and personal development.

I invite you to take a 5 second test and find out what element dominates in you.

5 second test

Find out what is the dominant element in you?

You have to answer this question without thinking, intuitively, which answer reflects your natural inner priority.

Guests are about to arrive to your home. Understanding that you have not prepared everything as planned, you hear the doorbell ring. What are you doing in the remaining few seconds before opening the door for them?

  1. urgent to finish the final work on the dinner table
  2. running to the mirror to sort out the makeup
  3. light candles, incense, turn on background music
  4. stop and check the list what you haven’t finished yet. Make a plan how to finish all the things when guests arrive.


  1. OWNER (earth)
  2. GIFT (water)
  3. MUSE (air)
  4. WARRIOR (fire)

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