Be You philosophy

We believe that every human holds an immense potential so by opening gates to this inner treasure and living your most authentic life one can become an inspiring leader for others and for positive shift in the World.

Believe in yourself

Transformation begins when you realize that the only obstacle in life to reach your dreams is your own belief system. Through NOW BE YOU journeys you experience your deepest wounds, your highest self and integrate these experiences into your most authentic version of you.

LIFE-STYLE approach

We believe that mindfullness is not a one-off training course but rather an everyday life and constant journey. Now Be You team has been born from 3 real blood-sisters uniting and living their mission and calling for life to empower others.  So we only share what we live everyday together with all our extended family as well.

purpose driven growth

Your goals in life, your mission and self-realisation journey shall be purpose driven in order to create a better world for all of us. Our team is here to support you on this journey and to lead your way by living your legacy today.

Growth of consciousness in 3 steps

Where to start your journey

Now Be You retreats and programs are based on this motto "Inner change reflects in changes outside". The beginning is always your inner growth because all answers can be found inside. Living your most authentic version of you is first of all accepting yourself and accepting responsibility for your own growth. We've separated the self-development journey into 3 phases. 

Relationship with yourself

It all starts with a healthy relationship with yourself, with an internal dialogue and the ability to hear your inner voice, reveal your talents and inner potential.

Relationship with others

A positive relationship with the immediate environment (family, loved ones) is created when you radiate peace and self-esteem. Use awareness tools on a daily basis and set an example for others.

Relationship with the World

A person is led by a greater goal than himself - an individual mission. Now Be You acts as a guide to help you fulfill your deepest dreams and ambitions that change the world.

Sisterhood is our unity

BE You PhIlosofy

Inner change reflects in changes outside

How to live the most authentic version of you?

Transformational stages of consciousness

The road to living the most authentic version of yourself is through practice. Because you are a multifaceted personality - you have a body that sends messages, emotions that change with the air, thoughts whose flow sometimes drowns in the fog, and an inner world that needs to be nurtured. You need tools to master all 4 components of you.

Nurturing your inner world

Moments between thoughts help you to experience inner silence, get to know yourself beyond your beliefs and open up a life full of wisdom beyond the limiting programs. 

Listening to your body

Being in your body opens up opportunities to understand the signals being sent and find a conscious connection and nourishment of your "vehicle" for this life.

Emotional intelligence

The identification of emotions acts as a guiding star, showing the causal connection between life situations and what we should pay most attention to in order to free ourselves from the unwanted repetitive wounds of emotions.

Mastering your thoughts

Observing your thoughts from neutral position, knowing your "programs" and believes frees you from overcontrolling your life and open up opportunities to experience oneself beyond genetic imprints and finding your FLOW of actions.

Our values

life principles based on Now Be You philosophy

Our mission is to help grow awareness and connect a modern human with ancient wisdom in order to live a purpose driven life today. Our value "base" triangle - for yourself, for others and for the World. First of all we invite you to look at yourself, only by growing and overcoming your own barriers you can help others. Next, we invite you to share your own unique journey with others in whatever ways best to you by becoming example for others. We invite you to find your most authentic version of you and by living your purpose to make positive changes in the bigger environment around you so that by combining our growth we can see the growth of consciousness in our humanity.

Inner voice

listening to your intuition and finding your answers from inside


to become creator of life in every step you make


to express your authenticity and create your unique path of life

Life-long learning

by becoming "professional" of life


living by listening to your heart


enjoying the process and the moment of NOW

Feminine approach

Bringing feminine energy and applying it to recreate systems in masculine based world

Unconditional love

firt of all to yourself and to all living beings


There's no right or wrong, good or bad, in order to have balance - stay in your center


Now Be You logo is more than just a symbol - it's a philosophy when your inner journey becomes your lifestyle and the main goal.

This is to symbolize the journey towards the center by uncovering layer by layer of your own potential and coming closer with connection of your higher self which is right there in the middle.  

After discovering your talents and opening up all 4 layers of personality (inner world-SOUL, connection with BODY, embodiment of your EMOTIONS and clarity of your MIND) the journey leads to self-realization and fulfillment.  

Now Be You - is you! Every human being living their best version of themselves in connection with all other beings.

NOW BE You philosophy

Not theiry, but practice changes our life

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