You deserve to give yourself time..

listening to your inner voice

Meditating regularly gives you an ability to hear your truest wishes and make decisions from your intuition and not by imposing the decisions on you. 

Connecting with your higher self

Strengthening inner connection with yourself we feel more connected to our environment as well. In this way we see a bigger picture and many layers of "unseen" world.

quality Time for yourself

We know there's never enough time in the day.. but what if you could change the perception of time? Finding a moment in a day for meditation help you to "stretch" time and relax.

improved concentration and focus

The benefits of meditation has been proved by science: better sleep, more concentration at work, more structured mind, dealing better with your emotions and stress and many more.

Leonora Be You meditations

indepth journeys with professional audio recordings

13 min meditation

Stress release meditation

This meditation is best when you feel anxiety, stress or simply want to relax before sleep. Short, powerful and effective - this is a good place to start.

35 min meditation

Empowering meditative journey

This empowering journey will guide you to feeling awake and ready to take action in your life. This is a journey that can take you to different innerstandings every time you practice it.

24 min meditation

Body scanning meditation

This is the foundation of meditation with so many healing benefits starting from concentrating your mind, helping insomnia or giving attention to specific part of your body where you can direct your healing light.

42 min meditation

Emotional purification meditation

This is a live transmission perfect for your start of the day. It's been recorded live for our community in the times when emotional support is so much needed. It's recommended to practice meditation with headphones on.

55 min meditation

The journey into ABUNDANCE

Immerse into the journey connecting with higher self, to live in trust and to bring pure abundance, love and light into your every day's life. Put your headphones on, lay down or sit straight and dive into the journey.

42 min meditation

Abundance is your birthright meditation

A live recording for our tribe during lockdown from Ibiza. This is an activation of a joyful state full of freedom, gratitude and connection with your highest self. For best results use headphones since we are using binaural sounds.


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