Balanced food for your body and energetic sounds for your ears

Vytautas Vaičaitis (Healthy You)

Intuitive Nutrition Practitioner ◦ Hippocrates Institute Lifestyle Mentor ◦ Plant-Based Nutrition Chef and food alchemist ◦ Sound and video producer

Practitioner of intuitive nutrition, healthy lifestyle mentor of the Hippocrates Institute (USA), food alchemist and founder of Be You kitchen. 6 years ago, Vytautas joined the development of BE YOU training programs as a food alchemist. Studying at the Hippocratic Institute (USA) and learning from David Avocado Wolfe and other nutritionists, he applies the knowledge he gained every day. According to Vytautas, our body knows everything and if we listen to it, we can find the right diet and cure all possible diseases.

During more than 30 years of experiments from the application of different nutritional principles, research, fasting and spiritual journeys, Vytautas set out to change the medical diagnosis of an incurable disease.

"I try to choose living food, one of the most important sources of human healing energy, every day. I'm constantly learning both online and from other chefs, nutritionists and healers around the globe. I certainly know that food is our best medicine, and our body is the best doctor ever."

Based in Ibiza this multi-cultural paradise island I have access to most fresh foods and constant inspiration from different cultures, tastes and of course abundant nature and rapidly increasing number of conscious farmers.

Vytautas is constantly inspired by best local produce wherever he goes. For the past years he's been intensively learning about the world of fungi and the impact of medicinal mushrooms to our health.

If not in the kitchen creating or consulting on healthy habits, Vytautas is capturing the best moments through sound and video for different wellness events and brands.

Vytautas; Persona:

Talent Dynamics: creator
Element: air


Plant based diet, recipes
Detox protocols


NOW BE YOU projects:

Video production for online courses

Plant based recipe course
Plant based alchemy and DETOX course


"Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

Your health journey with Vytautas

personal consultations and group coaching


60 min Zoom CALL

Nutrition consultation

If you have questions about your eating habits, nutrition, detox protocalls or want to review your eating habits and transition to plant-based diet.

88 Eur


3 hour live coaching

Plant based nutrition LIVE

Individual live nutrition session at your home* reviewing your fridge and food stock, eating habits and learning to cook new recipes. 

*additional conditions apply

288 Eur


private cooking

Private high vibrational food alchemy

Want a special treat for yourself and your loved ones? Let's create a nutritional, colorful and exciting dining experience for your celebration, event or retreat.

Price upon request


60 min ZOOM CALL

Personal nutrition consultation

Individual nutrition consultation is best for those who are looking to get answers to specific health issues or those willing to improve their energy levels, change eating habits and move into plant-based diet. 

Registruojantis konsultacijai įrašykite sau aktualius klausimus, kad konsultacija būtų naudinga ir skirta konkrečioms situacijoms.


60 min.




on agreed time


88 Eur



Plant based nutrition consultation LIVE

This unique experience happening in your own kitchen is for those who are looking for changes in their kitchen, new ideas and recipes to bring healthier choices to their tables. 

During this workshop you will be cooking together with Vytautas your specific request or improvising and learning conscious kitchen secrets. Together with Vytautas you will be reviewing your stock and learning about local providers and tips&tricks to introduce in your kitchen that can be applied to your whole family.

Register for a free 15 min. consultation and we will review the details. 

*special conditions apply depending on location.


3 val.


at your home


on agreed timing


288 Eur* 



High vibrational food alchemy at your place

This is an invitation for conscious hedonists to indulge into the sea of tastes, colors, textures and of course in a healthy way. If you are planning a special celebration, event or retreat and want to inspired guests with creative, delicious healthy solutions Vytautas is an exclusive chef for you with almost 10 years of experience working with plant-based foods around the globe and learning from exceptional chefs.

His cooking experience has been described as the best food guests have eaten in their entire life! Infused with high vibrational elixirs, superfood "coffees" and other goodies from the North and highest quality local, ecological products.


depending on event


your preferred location


on agreed timing


price upon request

Vytautas DETOX program is a perfect tool to introduce the changes into my daily life. Ongoing support and reminder how to take care of my body was invaluable experience in changing habits. Thank you for caring, new ideas and recipes for a healthy life.

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