Leonora Be You personal mentoring

Personal soul evolution journey 

with Leonora Be You  - Luna

Life potential is a zone of free will, but the vast majority of humanity, instead of being able to recreate their karmic destiny, often unknowingly create even more of it during their lifetime... As a result, karmic situations, in other words "homework of the soul" REPEATEDLY participate in the daily life of a person and thus create limits in the field of one's own possibilities.

Whether it is related to health and physical ailments, or finances and instability at work, or relationships and insecurity in love, or the spiritual world and the fear of knowing yourself... - ALL THIS can become not life's suffering or misfortune, but an OPPORTUNITY for you to REMEMBER - WHO are you? And WHY you are here right now?

The journey that Leonora - Luna invites you to is an exclusive program that, according to your personal, spiritual and life "indicators", will be formed according to the highest evolution of your soul and the maximum activation of your potential. During this process, your consciousness, body and soul will be prepared to receive, connect and integrate into resonance with the highest potential of your life and perspectives of collective evolution, creating and re-creating your life trajectory at all levels of your being.

During this mentoring, the results of your personal tasks, insights, practices, internal processes and situations in the personal material world will be discussed.

Each month, the mentoring participant will have direct personal communication with Leonora - Luna and optional healing or activation sessions for herself or her loved ones (remotely).

Since the program is personal and alive, just like life, the participant of this program have the full right to "shape" their monthly meetings according to their personal needs and each month's life events.

This mentorship is for women and men seeking:

  • inner stability and peace
  • self-confidence and trust in life on a wider scale
  • answers to deep inner questions for which "down to Earth" 3D explanations are not enough
  • spiritual depth and meaning of life

Personal mentorship su Leonora - Luna:

3 months

2 soul acceleration sessions per month up to 2.5 hrs (Value of one session 333 Eur)

Individual breathwork and energy healing sessions:

Distant energy healing sessions for you or your loved ones (value of one session 111 Eur) and personal SOMA breath sessions (value of one session 222 Eur)

Process supervision:

Weekly "check-ins" via voice messages or short calls  (value - priceless)

Holding space:

Daily energetic space holding, additional resources and materials (execises, meditations, etc.), feedback (value - priceless)

Your commitment for this soul evolution journey:

3 months personal mentorship with energy healing and transformational breathwork techniques - 2888 Eur to be paid upfront or 3 x 1155 Eur (paid monthly). 

Exact timings of meetings to be agreed individually. 

Have more questions? Connect with my team via email: info@leonorabeyou.com OR book a discovery call bellow.

Spaces are very limited. Leonora-Luna has a right to choose mentorship participant based on your personal journey and situation.

Everything that you truly desire is within you. All you need is the knowledge of how to awaken the power hidden within you, which will allow you to take from life what is yours - what is rightfully yours and what you brought with you at birth.

leonora be You

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