Luna amulet


This hand made piece of jewelry has been created from the highest quality materials like silver and hand-picked moon stone and is produced in very small quantities by renowed jeweler. The symbol represents the trinity and balance between feminine & masculine energies. In the center of this art piece you have an original moon stone that helps to build your self trust and strengthen intuition. It also activates the energetic field of self-love. The stone is alive meaning it’s unique for each individual piece.

Together with this piece of jewelry you will receive instruction how to activate and personalize it for your protection.

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LUNA SWAN safety amulet

This amulet has been created to symbolize inner fulfilment and harmony between three ascpect: divine masculine, divine feminine and everlasting love that is a geat to higher connection with the Creator.

When you are in balance and feeling fullfilled, none of the events from outside will take the feeling of love from you.

This amulet has been created especially for NOW BE YOU team and hand-made by a renowned jeweler.

General information

This amulet is a handcrafted piece from silver with a unique piece of moon stone in the center of it. Like all real stones this piece of moon stone is unique in each piece of jewelry. The chain has an option to wear it longer or shorter.