Damanhur Equinox mystery retreat

THE JOURNEY to DAMANHUR TEMPLES welcomes you to magnetize the NEW WORLD’s REALITY within and around You

September 19-24th, Damanhur, Italy


The 8th wonder of the World that you must experience. An important point where many ley lines connect.


Experiecing local Damanhurian communities, culture through art, food, technology and embracing their wisdom beyond time


Connecting with the waters and energy of the beautiful valley around Damanhur through sacred rituals

awakening fundamentals

An integrated, in-depth inner alchemy process to support your spiritual practices.


September 19-24th, Equinox


Vidracco, Italy


Explorers of themselves, space holders for others, new world leaders


Fully immersive and uniquely adjusted based on group energy 

Damanhur Equinox mystery retreat

5 days travelling the road of remembrance

Join NOW BE YOU family and get to know international community, traveling to secret and sacred places around the world. Through ancient rituals and co-creative activations, your energies will be taken to the memories beyond time.

In this special mystery temples of DAMANHUR, together with local wisdom keepers and NOW BE YOU “THE JOURNEY” experiences, such as “live transmissions” with Leonora-Luna in the temples, ceremonies in powerful nature places and many more magical alignments, where each of participants will have an opportunity to bring and co-create their magic of mystery together.

The goal of this mystery journey to gather the new world’s leaders, who feel the calling to embody the Divine guidance of awakening Humanity’s order and be(come) a wayshower through each and everyone’s individual role. So that co-creative experience, would bring more and more clarity of remembrance for each individual and the collective.

What is Damanhur?

Damanhur is one of the oldest intentional, magical and spiritual communities in the world that is 47 years old. Best known for its extraordinary man made sacred art work known as Temples of Humankind. It’s an antenna. It’s a receiver for new frequencies that are coming to help us in these times of awakening to focus, center as we evolve. Damanhur Temples of Humankind are considered to be the 8th wonder of the world. The mountain is an energetic point where the ley lines of the Earth cross over one another. Synchronicity happens at an accelerated rate there.

Read more about Damanhur here: http://www.damanhur.org/en/what-is-damanhur

What’s significant about Autumn Equinox?

The Equinoxes and Solstices are the times in which our planet aligns fully with the cosmic forces, solar rhythms of life. Because of this these are the times of a great alignment inside of us as well. All together we will be part of the ritual, together with Damanhurians where we will take the essence of the old tradition with a memory of the future.

What’s coming in the future?

How can we be more in harmony with the Earth and each other?

These times are very important because they allow everyone to reset their spiritual clock as well has have health benefits because of the rituals that respect the rhythms of nature (and our body is part of nature) and that help us also reset our biological clocks to be healthier.

Schedule of Damanhur Equinox mystery retreat *

*subject to be adjusted depending on the energy of the group

September 19th 


Arrival to home away from home “Ali del Falco”

19:30 Vegetarian farm to table dinner

21:00-23:00 Opening circle and attunement with sacred space beyond time

September 20th


8:00 Breakfast

9:30 Reflections and meditations connecting with sacred space as we visit the central area of the Federation, called Damjl. Connection to the energies of Damanhur’s land. Discussion on Damanhur’s philosophy, art and spiritual understanding of the cosmos.

Visit to Damanhur Crea - Selfica store, art workshops, organic supermarket.

13:00-14:30 Lunch at Damanhur community

14:45 - 18:15  Immersion into the spiritual energies of the Temples of Humankind, with meditation and reflections

19:30 - 21:00 Nourishing dinner

21:15-23:15 BEYOND TIME integration ritual and sharing circle

September 21st


7:30 – SOMA Breath practice and meditation with Leonora

8:30 - Breakfast

10:00-18:00  Awakening the Senses of your Soul with Esperide Ananas Ametista

An integrated, in-depth inner alchemy process to support your spiritual practices. A process that will take you to expanded states of consciousness, experiencing Love and a deep sense of unity with the universe.

Your Life Force will flow better and your kundalini will be activated and balanced, as you clear and empower your energy channels. You will become more aware of the senses of your soul — your inner senses — as we re-activate together your Divine Matrix that is connected to your physical and energetic body.

This tuning aligns  your inner power-plants to better distill the appropriate alchemical substances that feed the production of hormones and chemicals to support your Awakening.

The activation process is completed inside the Temples of Humankind, an extraordinary work of sacred art built inside the energy heart of a mountain. The Temples are a special power place, built at a meeting point of four major cosmic energy lines. The process will be also supported by Selfica, a spiritual technology unique to Damanhur.

Selfica builds physical structures – based on the use of metals and alchemical substances — that connect to a specific range of forces in the universe. These forces create “living intelligent fields" that foster personal and collective evolution. Selfica promotes healing and the empowerment of human potential. The Temples of Humankind are the largest selfic structure on our planet.

19:00 Nourishing dinner

22:00 Conscious rest

September 22nd


7:30 Body stretching and meditation

8:30 Breakfast

10:00-12:30 Awakening essentials - experiencing the magic of spiritual technology – Selfica.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:30 - 16:30 Purification ritual near sacred waterfall of Damanhur

17:15 - 18:40 Time of People: wings activation and closing of awakening essentials teachings

19:00 Nourishing dinner

20:00 – 22:00 Discover a simple, effective map to understand your spiritual process with Shama Viola, mystic, intuitive counselor and creator of a divination deck with Sacred Language symbols.

23:00 Conscious dreaming

What is Selfica? And why it’s such an important tool for us to reconnect with?

In order for these temples of Humankind to work as a specific transceiver  we have developed a spiritual technology called SELFICA that Damanhurians believe was widely used in Atlantis and by other people that don’t exist on our planet anymore. Damanhurians are remembering this technology. Through Selfica it’s possible to connect to specific cosmic frequencies that help us awaken, that could be used for healing and rebuilding fully the energetic matrix of a human body in order to remember and reactivate our energetic centers and put back online this energetic system in human body.

We will not only learn about spiritual technology of Selfica, directly from the most experienced technology creators but you will have a change to experience it in the temples, through different healing modalities and even to bring some pieces of this technology back home.

Remember that, no matter what your spiritual practice is, being in the field of coherence with spiritual energies of Damanhur and being in your process will help you and support you in anything you want to do. Whichever stage of awareness and awakening you are, this experience will make you feel safe, strong and supported.

September 23rd


8:00 Body wisdom practice

9:00 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Guided visit to the Sacred Forest, The experience of Music of the Plants, and dynamic meditations in the stone circuits.

12:30 Equinox ritual with Damanhurians in the Sacred Woods.

15:00-17:00 Lunch and time in the community

19:00 Celebration dinner at a local restaurant

22:30 Group integration circle

September 24th 


10:00 Breakfast

12:00 Departure



Go deep and reconnect with your soul through remembrance of ancient wisdom


Experience new kind of community life


Dive into the 8th wonder of the World and learn the mystery behind its creation


Uncover stucked energies and connect with your full potential


Relax on a deeper level than you could imagine by being help in a safe space


Explore your own unique and authentic abilities


Become part of a positive impact in the world


Connect with like-minded souls and new world leaders

Accomodation and food

6 days, 5 nights

Since the moment you will reach the hotel our team is going to welcome you for immersive experiences, healthy food and profound rest. You will feel immediately this powerful and magnetizing space within your body. As this unique hotel, called “ALI DES FALCO” is located in the neighborhood of Damanhur founder Falco, who’s energy keeps on bringing strong experiences along the journey.

We will take care of you and your journey, so that the stay at the cozy hotel “ALI DES FALCO” would help you feel at home and ground your cosmic experiences in the most graceful and loving way.

House is run by conscious Damanhur community members. It produces it is run by solar energy, has 12 spacious rooms. You can see our temporary home away from home HERE.

NOW BE YOU team’s dear friends - local Damanhurians, are willing to open us the doors with their trust and love, more than the visitors can ever experience by themselves. We will be taken on mystic and live crafted journeys for each individual’s and the groups’ highest timeline alignment.

The food is going to be home made and fresh, made from local community products with lots of love J Each and every day’s experience will take you in multidimensional time experiences and memories. So we will take care of the graceful space for integration and reflection on personal and group dynamic on demand.


2222 Eur* (Early bird price until August 20th)


  • 5 nights accommodation in double rooms in a cozy hotel “Ali del Falco” (single option available for extra price)
  • 5 nourishing healthy breakfasts
  • 4 vegetarian farm to table dinners prepared with love by local Damanhurian chefs
  • 2 delicious lunches
  • Closing dinner at a local restaurant
  • Morning meditations, breathwork and body stretch practices to be integrated into your daily life
  • Visiting all temples of Humankind with the most experienced guides and wisdom keepers of Damanhur
  • Equinox ritual with Damanhurian community
  • AWAKENING ESSENTIALS course with Esperide Ananas Ametista
  • Evening with mystic and intuitive counselor Shama Viola 
  • Sacred knowledge about Selfica technology
  • Awakening initiation and mystery school teachings
  • Integration circles during the week
  • Special guests for the program
  • All arrangement you might need during the trip by experienced NOW BE YOU team.

EXTRA COSTS: travel costs (best is to fly to Turin or Milan, car rental (look at www.doyouitaly.com) we will help with car sharing (it's more flexible to have a car to move in between locations otherwise hotel can organise taxi rides), 2 extra lunches

* From August 20th the price will increase to 2666 Eur. Single options available at extra price. See more options in registration form.


Everyone who's joining any of our programs becomes part of a positive impact

With everything we do we integrate the giving back. In fact, it's what drives us, helping as many as possible with each small step.

Organized by multidisciplinary NOW BE YOU team

10+ years of experience, 60+ transformational events around the globe, profound and safe space for your growth

Psychologist and spiritual guide

Leonora Be You

I will guide you to connect with your highest potential and create and hold a sacred space 24/7 so that all your processes are smoothly integrated

Sound and food alchemist

Vytas Energetic You

I will make sure you have the best meditation experience as well as will be thre in case of any health questions

Embodiment coach

Ieva Leader You

I will help you to embody everything we will experience in higher dimentions

organizer and mentor

Egle Action You

I will make sure ALL your technical questions are answered before you know it!

Program guests and wisdom teachers

Most special Damanhurians that we will have in depth knowledge sharing sessions


Esperide Ananas Ametista

Socio-psychologist, spiritual facilitator, healer, author of "33 lives from the book of time"

teachings of self-realisation

Shama Viola

A mystic, spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor and creator of a divination deck with Sacred Language symbols.

Have questions? Not sure if it's for you?

Connect with us beyou@nowbeyou.global

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