Fabric bag


Natural cotton, a strong and sustainable choice not only for shopping but also for your unique style – NOW BE YOU  bag with the motto “BE THE MOST AUTHENTIC YOU” (Be the most authentic version of yourself). A pocket with a zipper on the back of the back is especially appreciated by women, which will be helpful not lose your phone, wallet, keys and other important things among many.

This strong, natural cotton shopping and leisure bag is not only for those who are looking for a sustainable solution in their everyday life, but also for those who want to express their uniqueness with the inscription “BE THE MOST AUTHENTIC YOU”.

Does it happen that when you load heavier goods, the fabric bag “stretches” and you regret not taking a plastic one? Do you sometimes have to rummage through your purse to find your house keys? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of these situations for you! This bag is made of thick cotton, so it will withstand even heavy contents, and we have also provided a pocket with a zipper on the back so that your most important things don’t get lost.

Running to the store, for a walk in the city, picnic with a friend? Or are you looking for a practical and sustainable way to give gifts to your loved ones? This fabric bag is a great solution for practical people who want to stand out, and also the message with the inscription will help you remember your most authentic self every time you use it!:)